About Me

portrait by Simmari

My name is Rachel Summers. I have spent my half-century-plus-5 years of life in the northeastern coastal United States and have been married for 35+ of those years. I felt compelled to construct and launch this website in order to provide information that may save lives.

My mother and one of my closest friends were both victims of suicide, directly traceable to depression and mental illness associated with and exacerbated by untreated menopause.

Personally I feel as if I lost ten years of my own life to menopausal symptoms while being treated with what was ostensibly the state-of-the-art medical protocol of hormone replacement. My quality of life took a nose-dive during that decade.

I harbor extreme resentment that the medical knowledge to heal and cure these ills exists but is not freely offered. Certainly I possess no medical credentials of my own, thus the facts uncovered in the course of the massive research project that I steeped myself in, were conclusions drawn by qualified research scientists from past clinical studies. I was able to take this knowledge and steer my own doctors into prescribing HRT that actually works, and also to discover equally effective means of menopausal treatment that require neither prescription nor medical insurance.

The sum total of everything I have learned in the course of my ten year foray into endocrinology and gynecology is contained on these web pages (or will be, upon the completion of this website) along with links to sources and references. I feel I deserve several years worth of college credits for this effort, but the widespread dissemination of these facts will be reward enough.