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The Savvy Woman's Guide to Testosterone:
How to Revitalize Your Sexuality, Strength and Stamina
Screaming to be Heard:
Hormonal Connections Women Suspect, and Doctors Still Ignore

by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

Reviews from Library Journal:
Vliet, the founder and medical director of a women's health care center, believes that hormones play a significant role in women's health, especially in the perimenopausal and menopausal years. Varying levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can be linked to depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, fibromylagia, bladder problems, heart disease, and cancer. Vliet convincingly defends hormone replacement therapy, although controversial, as a corrective and preventive treatment, providing it is individualized and integrated with alternative therapies. It is unfortunate that Vliet's book is aimed at health care professionals and informed lay readers, because the medical jargon can be arduous for general readers, yet its detailed information could help women make informed decisions.
Testosterone is as natural to women as estrogen. It is not just a man's hormone. From a woman's teens until menopause, her body makes more testosterone than estrogen! Testosterone is crucial to a woman's health and well-being. Loss of testosterone can cause loss of sex drive and sexual sensation, marked fatigue, low energy, hair loss, decreased stamina, loss of height, and other symptoms. New testosterone therapy options for women are poised to hit the consumer market in 2005 and will revolutionize approaches to help women's sexual response, much as Viagra revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Now it's women's turn.

This book is written by a nationally known women’s health physician and hormone specialist to provide reliable, cutting-edge medical information, important now to overcome stigma and negative myths about testosterone. Dr. Vliet teaches women to avoid risks of improper dosing using new treatment options with bioidentical testosterone. This book will help women learn ways to restore libido, improve muscle strength, build healthy bone, and maintain normal energy levels.
About the Author:
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., is the founder and Medical Director of HER PlaceŽ: Health Enhancement and Renewal for Women Inc. She has studied and written about the effects of hormone changes on PMS, PCOS, migraines, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, osteoporosis and cardiovascular risks, etc. Her bestselling books include Screaming to Be Heard: Hormone Connections Women Suspect and Doctors Still Ignore, It’s My Ovaries, Stupid! and Women, Weight and Hormones. Dr. Vliet maintains a medical practice in Tucson, Arizona, and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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The Testosterone Syndrome

by Dr. Eugene Shippen

This book is the gold standard on hormones.
Although written primarily for men, I strongly recommend that every woman read the Preface, Chapter 1 (A Menopause for Men), Chapter 7 (Testosterone & Your Heart) , Chapter 9 (Men, Women & Bone), and finally Chapter 10 (Testosterone & Women).

The preface and first chapter offer the best description of hormonal function (testosterone in particular) that I have ever read.


The Sexy Years
by Suzanne Somers

Excerpt from the publisher:
Getting older can be brutal -- women gain weight, lose their sex drive, experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short-tempered, find it difficult to sleep, and on and on. It's not so easy for men, either -- they start to lose energy and stamina as they age, too (and they have to live with women going through menopause). After years of being thin and fit and full of energy, Suzanne herself encountered the "Seven Dwarfs of Menopause" -- Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, and All-Dried-Up. Instead of living out the rest of her life cranky, sleep-deprived, and libido-less, Suzanne set out to discover how she could get her mind, body, and life back and banish those pesky dwarfs for good.

The result is The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection -- The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men. In this passionately argued and enormously practical book, Suzanne supports her own research and experiences with the expertise of leading doctors in the field of women's and men's health and sexuality to create an inspiring, accessible call-to-arms to women to radically rethink how they approach life after fifty, and give them the tools to turn their lives around.


No More Hot Flashes...And Even More Good News
by Penny Wise Budoff

This book is rather dated and contains no mention of the need for supplementing testosterone in menopausal women. However this author/gynecologist was first to realize that uterine cancer resulted from the use of unopposed estrogen and to convince the rest of the medical community to alter their HRT protocol accordingly.

Her book certainly changed my own life. It supplied the first of the missing puzzle pieces: that estrogen applied topically will reverse vaginal atrophy and banish hot flashes. For this information alone I will remain ever grateful and it has earned her book a place on this "recommended" list. If you come across any new volumes written by this author, READ them! And please drop me an email too so that I may update this page accordingly.

From a "Pioneer in Women's Health" -New York Times

Once in a great while a book comes along that truly changes lives. In 1983 Dr. Penny Wise Budoff's No More Hot Flashes and Other Good News revolutionized America's attitude toward women's health. Library Journal called it "required reading for women over thirty-five." Publishers Weekly said that "with this book in hand, women can fully understand not only what is happening to their bodies, but why." No More Hot Flashes was virtually the first book to provide medical information that addressed menopause and other health concerns of women at a time when research focused almost entirely on men and doctors made all the choices.

Controversial and daring, her information on hormone replacement, hysterectomy, and breast cancer proved so accurate that her 1983 book was required reading in leading medical schools and universities and served as a reference for hundreds of thousands of women.

Now Dr. Budoff-over fifty and post-menopausal herself-has created an all-new book, drawing on her work at her renowned women's health center and the knowledge and expertise of eight contributing physicians in various specialties of women's health.

About the Author:
Penny Wise Budoff, M.D., clinical associate professor of family medicine at SUNY at Stony Brook and past assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology (family medicine) at Cornell University Medical School, NY, has been in private practice on Long Island for over thirty years. She has lectured widely to physicians and lay audiences, has made numerous television appearances, including return visits to Oprah, and has published original research in prominent medical journals. She is the author of No More Menstrual Cramps and Other Good News and the New York Times bestseller No More Hot Flashes and Other Good News. In 1985 she founded the Penny Wise Budoff, M.D., Women's Medical Center in Bethpage, NY. It was among the first multispecialty women's health centers in the country.