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No, this isn't about palm reading. It's about finger length, but it can predict your future and also tell you something about your past.

For instance the man whose hand is pictured at left (above) has a predictably high risk of a heart attack early on in his future. If he were to run in a race against a random sampling of men his own age and size, he would not be likely to win. He will probably father few or no children and is most likely destined for an outstanding career in the science field. Emotionally he can be predicted to live life on an even keel without getting unduly aggravated with life's little frustrations.

The future of the woman belonging to the hand on the right is unlikely to be clouded by heart disease. This lady is likely to be a winning athlete and have a career in psychology or education. Like the gentleman on the left, her life is not so likely to include children, but unlike him she will meet annoyances with angry frustration.

It is all about testosterone. In the womb, exposure to higher levels of testosterone determines the length of our ring and index fingers and the ratio of one to the other. Testosterone builds our digital bone structures while we are in a fetal state, providing each of us with a permanent indicator of the androgenic blood level that is "normal" for our unique physiology. (Perhaps doctors should have a look at their patients' hands before pronouncing that their lab test measurements fall within the "normal" range!) Those whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers have higher levels of testosterone.

Most men have longer ring fingers than index fingers, while a majority of women apparently have longer index fingers (or index and ring fingers of the same length). As with our friends' hands pictured above, this is not always the case. (My own ring fingers are substantially longer than my index fingers, while my husband's finger lengths are just the opposite. Yep, he's easy going and I'm not.)

Not surprisingly those with longer ring fingers and higher levels of testosterone are protected against heart disease. They also have more aggressive temperaments and the men have higher fertility. (Women with longer ring fingers and higher "T" levels are less fertile.) And although it was not looked at in the study, I'm willing to bet that higher libido is directly linked to that longer ring finger as well. sources and further info

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